Ashdown Park residents on Monday threatened to stop the construction of a 200 000 seater church which is being constructed by a local Christian denomination Heartfelt International ministries saying congregates were disturbing peace in the area through the use of modern technologies while they were asleep.

Followers of the Heartfelt International ministries church which is constructing the multi-million dollars conference centre at Ashdown Park shopping centre use public announcement system when conducting their services in the building.

Residents told RelZim Tuesday that the PA system the church uses disturbs their sleep especially at night.

“We are not opposed to the construction of this church here because we know that it is an investment which has come to our area. What we demand is that he church should consider that there are people in its neighbourhood by just reducing the volume of their PA system”, said one resident.

“We are all Christians and we all want churches to be built in our areas. These people should stop using the church until it has been completed and if they do that we will not be bothered,”Tamuka Kahwema a local resident voiced.

 “If they continue doing this we are going to block them from operating from here. We have been for a long time trying to engage them in a civilized manner but they seem not to listern,”complained another resident.

RelZim approached two officials of the Church which is believed to be led by one Tavona Vutaunashe who refused to comment.

Lancelot Mudavanhu the area’s local councilor confirmed receiving the complaint from residents.

“We have since advised the church to first complete the building so that the noise coming from the PA system is contained. It is our hope that they are going to act accordingly”, said Mudavanhu. 

Harare West legislator Jessie Majome last week visited the area and addressed the residents.

 At the meeting Majome urged the two parties to engage each other amicably and reach a common ground.