Zanu-PF associated pastor Obadiah Msindo has been caught offside on camera, spewing obscenities.

Msindo, a controversial figure, was  expelled from the Destiny for Africa Network which he had founded.

In the video viewed by RelZim, Msindo verbally assaults workers at a car dealership in Harare.

In the video it was not clear who owed who, as one Mhike who was involved in the car dispute with Msindo was demanding money from the preacher, while Msindo was claiming a car.

But, before Mhike came into the picture, Msindo exchanged harsh and rude words with other workers who were at the car dealership office in Central Street in Harare’s Central Business District.

“Dude, you’ll be hurt, I have warned you,” Msindo threatened.

The pastor showed his character by shouting obscene insults to one of the men at the offices.

“I want to tell you something, I only respect one person in this country and that’s [President Robert] Mugabe, anyone else your mother’s ***hole. Very soon you’ll realise you are not clever. I am not a stupid reverend like some that you poop all over. I am a comrade. I can defend myself ­­­- I will deal with you,” shouted the reverend-cum-politician.

“I told you I respect only one man – all others I f***,” Msindo said, making the man he was shouting at ask whether he was a homosexual.