Destiny for Africa Network founder Reverend Obadiah Musindo says Zimbabwean society should tolerate homosexuals, and pray for their deliverance.

The truth of the matter is that, it’s a spiritual matter, these brothers and sisters are loved by God. Let us not condemn them. But at the same time let us not accept the practice. It is illegal, it is unnatural, it is unAfrican, and let us not legalize something that does not even make sense. It is not even a part of human rights. These brothers and sisters need God’s grace they need prayers. Christians must pray for them,“ Reverend Musindo told Relzim.

The Zimbabwean constitution is silent on the rights of homosexuals. There has been heated debate during the opinnion-gathering period of the constitution-making process last year when some parties accused each other of trying to smuggle rights of homosexuals through the back door. 

Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe director Chesterfield Samba argues that they do not want the Zimbabwean government to allow them to have public weddings but only to recongnise them as human beings. “As an association, we are not asking for special rights. But human rights. Just like everybody else. And I think we are entitled to that. There is no such thing as  gay rights. We need to get to a point where people need to understand that we are diverse as a community and in our community there exist people who are attracted to the same sex,” Samba argued.