George Rene Lungange and Ngendo Brangsto said government should give them space to worship the devil and build a congregation.

The duo recently stunned journalists who were on a tour of Harare Remand Prison when they confessed to being satanists. Brangsto said he has written to an unnamed Cabinet minister asking for permission to start a satanism movement.

“I wrote a letter to the minister and told him that I wanted to start a congregation in the country,” the 37-year-old said.

“But I was arrested. I did not know there is a law which forbids my religion yet there is freedom of religion in this country,” he said.

Brangsto, who stayed at a refugee camp in Zimbabwe with his family prior to his arrest, said his crew did not go about recruiting people but used babies to attract the parents. He spoke with such conviction of his beliefs that he even challenged journalists by threatening to prove his powers.

“I can perform a miracle right now and disappear from this prison right now if I wanted to,” he said, without explaining why he had failed to do so all the days he has been incarcerated.

When asked how his “all-powerful master” allowed him to be imprisoned, he responded by saying that his master was not responsible for his incarceration. “The devil is not the one who brought me here so he cannot take me out of here,” he said.

The self-proclaimed satanists even boasted of their vast wealth outside prison but said they were not in a hurry to get out of prison. “We have the power to make people rich,” Brangsto, who had the words Super Devil inscribed on his Khaki prison shirt, said.

His confession is one of a kind and comes at a time when black magic and the works of the devil are getting popular with Zimbabweans keen to strike it rich or be seen as powerful, religious miracle workers.Incarcerated self-proclaimed devil worshipper Ngendo Brangsto.