Gospel musician Sebastian Magacha has cleared the air on his song Back to Sender which is largely believed to be a ridicule of the unsolved Chitungwiza blast.

Back to Sender is off the musician’s 12-track album with the same title.

Speaking from the United States where he is currently on tour, the musician said he penned the song way before the mysterious blast. Magacha said he composed the song in 2011 and it had been in the archives until this year when he recorded it.

“It has nothing to do with the Chitungwiza blast,” he said. “The song was recorded before the Chitungwiza blast and it is about reversing what the devil has said upon our lives or what the devil has taken. It is biblical.

“In the song we did not talk about lightning alone, we talked about so many situations that the devil puts us in.” Despite Magacha’s claims, watching the video leaves one convinced it is a dramatisation of the explosion that left five people dead.

In the video, he starts off by portraying a situation where a family is consulting a traditional healer in order to harm someone, but the intention backfires.

During the consultation, Magacha appears in the form of an angel prompting the family members to scurry for cover while the traditional healer is caught flat footed and left to face the wrath of the divine being.

The family members end up falling into trance with some appearing to have lost their wits. Benjamin Rupapa, a member of Magacha’s management also supported his boss and said the video was for the glory of God.

“It is a mere dramatisation of God’s power that whatever wicked plan the devil is hatching it will not succeed but instead, it will backfire,” Rupapa said.

“It will not affect the intended person, but the perpetrator.”

Meanwhile, the musician has hailed the crowd in the US as appreciative. “The environment and the audience is different,” he said. “The crowd here is multi-racial and they appreciate originality in music. For instance, if you are African you have to sing like an African. “That is what they expect from you.”

The musician left for Canada yesterday where he is scheduled to have three shows; the first one being in Edmonton on Saturday, the next one in Ottawa on November 15 before they round up the tour in Toronto the following day.

“On November 24, we have a show in Washington DC and we will also perform at a dinner on the 29th in Irving Texas then our last show will be in
Dallas, Texas, on the 30th,” he said.