A SELF-PROCLAIMED prophet was last week jailed for 15 years after he was convicted for the murder of Esdom Mukazi by a High Court judge.

Ackim Chirwa, 28, had a misunderstanding with Johnson Dhliwayo and when the two got involved in a fight, Chirwa attempted to flee but Mukazi got hold of him.

Chirwa then stabbed Mukazi on the left side of the chest. Mukazi died the following day as a result of the knife stab injuries.

Justice Martin Makonese sitting at the Gweru circuit court said Chirwa had not shown any remorse for his actions but instead attempted to mislead the court by claiming that it was Dhliwayo who had stabbed Mukazi by mistake.

“Your behaviour is not consistent with that of a prophet,” ruled Justice Makonese.

The court heard that on the 13th December 2011 and at around 1730 hours, Chirwa and Mukazi were among patrons drinking beer at Bonaccord farm shopping centre in Redcliff.

Chirwa had a misunderstanding with Dhliwayo after the latter had said prophets did not stay long with their wives and that he (Chirwa) should buy him beer.

Dhliwayo went on to break Chirwa’s spectacles.

He also slapped Chirwa three times on the face and Chirwa hit him back with an iron bar before attempting to flee from the scene.

Mukazi was coming from the direction Chirwa was running to and grabbed him (Chirwa) from behind with both hands.

Chirwa produced an Okapi knife and stabbed Mukazi on the left side of the chest. Chirwa then proceeded to stab Dhliwayo on his left palm and back before fleeing from the scene.

Mukazi died the following day at Kwekwe General Hospital.