A Chitungwiza pastor from Triumph in Christ Church has been hit with allegations of infidelity involving a senior pastor and the church treasurer.

Apostle Kelvin Mugwami is under fire for allegedly bedding a married woman, Chipo Mavengedza, and the incident was witnessed by church members. This development has incited hordes of parishioners to leave the church in protest.

Apostle Kelvin acknowledged that multitudes of worshippers were leaving the church because of a ‘cooked up’ incident which is only a figment of people’s imagination. He could neither confirm nor deny that he was caught red handed having sex with Chipo. Instead, he submitted that the matter was in the hands of the police.

“Well I don’t have anything to say about that matter. It is in the hands of the police and I can bring the investigating officers to you tomorrow. The rumour was started by disgruntled members of the church who defected and they are bent on tarnishing our image. They deliberately chose a woman who is close to me. In fact I am friend with the woman’s husband and the allegations make me laugh,” claimed Apostle Kelvin.

The woman in question, Chipo, also confirmed that hordes of people had left the church because of the alleged sexual scandal.

“That story is false and is premeditated. The issue started when a certain lady blew US$67 that was meant for the church’s coffers and when I exposed her she developed hatred towards me. She then plotted to tarnish my reputation, apostle’s and the church at large,” said the married Chipo who begged this reporter not to publish the story.

According to church members, Apostle Kelvin was a serial bed hopper, who was recently caught cheating with the married Chipo. Church members further claim that if the allegations were baseless, then hordes of people would not have all left the church at once. They claim that by leaving the church in large numbers, that alone is a clear sign that Apostle Kelvin was merely trying to hide behind a finger.