A member of the clergy at Gokomere Mission, one of the most revered Roman Catholic centres in the country, has been implicated in an adulterous relationship with a married teacher at the school and the matter has since been taken to the church superiors.

Sources at the school said the husband of the teacher discovered the affair when he suddenly pitched up from South Africa on July 6 2013 and noticed love messages in the wife’s phone coming from a member of the clergy. Fr Walter Nyatsanza, who is the Church spokesperson, cut off calls several times when our news crew raised the issue with him.

Vimbai Wekare Mushava, the lady teacher alleged to be in the adulterous affair, warned our news crew against publishing the story. She said election time was dangerous and anything could happen to our news crew staffers if they went ahead with the story.

She, however, at one stage said she was not Mushava but when our news crew asked whether the number did not belong to Mushava, she said she stayed with Mushava under one roof and she was just holding her phone. She then demanded to know the person who gave our news crew her mobile number.

When asked why she was commenting on behalf of Mushava, she said this was because she knew that the story was false.

She, however, at some stage said our news crew must back-off the story because the Church had already resolved it. She then said she had lawyers and she would take our news crew to the cleaners.

“You must remember this is election time and therefore don’t regret when something terrible happens to you if you publish that story. Be warned because Masvingo is small. But in any case, why do you want to proceed to publish that story when the church has resolved it?” asked Mushava.

Brother Erazmas Mundende, who is accused of dating Mushava, professed ignorance over the incident and referred questions to the lady teacher.

“I cannot comment on that but what I can say is that it is not true that I have run away to Gweru. I had gone there for some other business and now I am back at Gokomere. I don’t know what you are talking about but I think that woman can give you more details,” said Brother Mundende.

Sources close to the matter revealed that Brother Erazmas was seeing Wekare for a long time while the husband was in South Africa. Lucky ran out of the two love birds when the husband came back to Zimbabwe.

Unaware tha, the husband was in the country, Brother Erazmas was sending love messages on whatsup to Wekare who spent most of her time on the phone replying his messages raising suspicion to the husband who promptly took away the phone. Erazmas continued to send messages and even airtime but received no reply prompting him to phone his lover and was answered by the husband according to the sources.

Hell broke loose as the husband who was constantly refrained by some of his relatives threatened to beat up the man of the cloth. After discovering the affair, the husband allegedly brought members of his family to the Priest in charge Vincent Muzenda and the deputy head and threatened to dump the wife there. However, after a meeting some settlement is said to have been reached as the priest vainly tried to patch up the crumpling relationship. He was demanding five herd of cattle but we are told they settled for US$2 000, revealed the source.