Among the countless initiatives of jubilarian Fr. Nobert Gille SJ, is Shingirirayi Student Co-operative Trust, better known as Shingirirayi Youth Ministry.

The idea of Shingirirayi Youth ministry dawned on Fr. Gille while he was at St Rupert’s Mission in Makonde District. During its formative years, the organisation engaged youths living on the rural mission environs in poultry, gardening, goat keeping and other small income generating projects.

When he moved to Murombedzi, his determination to continue work among the youths only got stronger. In 1989, the organisation was registered. Today, Shingirirayi Youth works mainly as a street ministry among disadvantaged youths in the high density areas of Harare, Chitungwiza, Chinhoyi and Kariba. Fr Gille encourages pastoral work among the same youths group in Murombedzi Rural using sport as bait.

“At the peak of our work, we were working with about 21 000 young people countrywide. Due to resource limitations, the numbers of registered youths we work with has come down significantly and we are now working with about 6 000 young people,” says Administrator, James Yakobe.

The organisation’s programmes do not discriminate, working among Catholics and non- Catholics alike. Once the youths start interacting with Youth Promoters, they are taught the ways of the bible and are encouraged to live honestly and attend church.