A local mobile phone manufacturing company, Astro Zimbabwe is working on an application that will allow a Shona version of the Bible to be available on phones.

Company Chief Executive Officer, Munyaradzi Gwatidzo told a media briefing on Friday that they wanted to make it possible for Christians to read the bible in the vernacular.

“We have an application that will translate the English bible into Shona so that even our parents can read at home,” he said.

“Our developers are busy so that we can also unveil an application that will allow our people to use their phones in the language of their choice such as Ndebele, Tonga, Shona and Zulu.”

Gwatidzo also launched the “Astro Box,” a small device that turns a television set into a computer. The device could be used in schools.

“Many a time we get smart phones whose applications do not work locally but with Astro we will provide applications that apply to the Zimbabwean market,” he said.