Mhondoro-Sydney Mabhiza, Bishop of the St John Apostolic Church (one of Zimbabwe’s African Initiated Churches), abused the pulpit earlier this month to attack Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai saluting him as a “tea boy.”

Speaking at a conference that was held in Madzongwe village in Mubaira, Mabhiza, who is also a war veteran, said Tsvangirai needs to learn a lot on the history of the country. “Those leaders who fought are the people. Some were brewing tea at Trojan Mine and that is when they saw that the whites are okay. The Prime Minister doesn’t know that this country came through blood and he has to be “cooked” in order for him to understand,” said Mabhiza.

Zanu-PF National Chairman, Simon Khaya Moyo who also attended the occasion took the platform to denounce the MDC leadership at the expense of the congregants. “If one does not know the history of this country then it is quite impossible for that person to rule this nation,” he said.

This is not the first time that Zanu-PF is turning church platforms into political rallies.

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