On the 1st of May 2016, St Joseph’s parish in Hatfield celebrated the feast of its patron Saint (St Joseph the worker) with a Family Day.

The mass and activities held at the parish brought together congregants from the parish’s two out centres, St Patricks Epworth and St Pius Manyame who also participated in various activities to reverence their patron saint and honour the labourers.

The feast of St. Joseph the Worker was established by Pope Pius XII in 1955 and gave all workmen a model and a protector who offered to God with patience and joy and provided for the necessities of his holy spouse and of the Incarnate Son of God, and thus became an example to all labourers.

St Jospeh’s parish priest, Fr Owen Kudumba O’Carm encouraged parishioners in his homily to emulate the life of Joseph who through his work as a carpenter provided for his family and was never shy of his profession.

“Let us be able to do the work that God has asked of us and come to the rewards he has promised. Let us be humble to accept the work we do to sustain our families and in that work, let the spirit of Christ be seen and be heard in what we do and say,” he said.

Fr Kudumba O’Carm encouraged people to reflect and draw lessons from Joseph’s life such as allowing the will of God to be done through his wife, Mary and to avoid deterring others to realise the vocation they are called to by God.