Prophet Walter Magaya (photo: B Kanamhora)

Prophet Walter Magaya (photo: B Kanamhora)

PROPHETIC Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries is never short of surprises.

While matters of belief are deeply personal and are best left alone, the Magaya ship of conversion has somewhat chugged onto the entertainment scene attempting to convert artistes with mixed success.

They have not stopped there as they have even gone further to engage some secular musicians to perform at their services.

Just when the ministry was beginning to grow, it got associated with raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda whose relationship with the church ended when she trekked back to the pub.

Other musicians like Nicholas Zakaria and Allan Chimbetu have also found sanctuary at the church.

Tocky Vibes has also found his way into the church and now Sulumani Chimbetu will be performing at the church’s Sunday service.

Apparently, this could be confirming Sulu’s affection for the prophetic ministry as one of his songs Musandisiye on his latest album Gunship appears to suggest he has for long had such plans.

Part of the track Musandisiye goes like “Mukoma ndapota musandisiye pamunoronga ronga, Amai Charamba musandikanganwe pamunoenda kukereke, Prophet Magaya musandikoshiwe pamunotaura paye.”

So Dendera Sunday it is at the gigantic blue church in Waterfalls.

Sulu’s publicist Joe Nyamungoma said there was nothing wrong with them performing at a PHD service.

“People must understand that musicians also have spiritual life and they do go to church and on Sunday will be fellowshipping at PHD,” Nyamungoma said.

“Secular artistes can also inspire goodness.

“Those who are going to come for the service will testify that there is nothing wrong in having a secular musician performing at a church service.”

Nyamungoma said they would substitute most of the lyrics to suit the church set-up.