Controversial gospel musician Hosia Chipanga says that ministers and ordinary Zimbabweans should join his new church that is called Mapipi in order to take the country from the current economic problems.

“God is universal and I am calling for government ministers and other ordinary men and women to join my church and play a role in educating the people of this nation about the Kingdom of God,” said the Mutare-based musician.

Chipanga, who sings sungura music usually laced with satire and sometimes gospel connotations, said that he was called to spread the word of God in the 1970s. “I received the Holy Spirit on September 13, 1977 and since then I have been trying to educate people about God through music.”

At one point, Chipanga wanted to stand as a presidential candidate and even to this day he nourishes that dream. He is well aware of the fact that people say he is controversial but he says everything he says is inspired by the Holy Spirit. “I have been called controversial because of the things I sing, but those ideas come from the spiritual visions I receive.”

Chipanga claims that his church Mapipi was inspired by some top government officials.