Swaziland’s Prince Lindens Dlamini  and King Mswati’s brother Prince Sivukelene were amongst thousands of foreign guests who attended the three day ManWorld Convention which ended on Saturday.

The two Royal visitors, were guests of Uebert Angel.

Prince Dlamini, a son to King Mswati and Sivukelene attended yesterday’s service at Angel’s Spirit Embassay Church where pastors were being ordained. Also in attendance at the service were Angel’s spiritual father Victor Boateng and Angel’s friend and preacher Emmanuel Makandiwa.

Dlamini’s officials said they had come to Zimbabwe to appreciate and honour Angel’s prophetic work.

Angel has in the past few years been invited by serving and former presidents among other high level people who seek spiritual intervention.

He recently visited former South African president, Nelson Mandela and was a guest of the presidency in Kenya.

Angel’s aides say that he pioneered the prophetic voice in Southern Africa and  also insist that Angel was the first to bring forensic prophecy in the world.

He now has many accolades to his name including being UN ambassador and was recently voted the most influential young man in Zimbabwe.

Asked to comment on the attendance of Prince Dlamini, Angel went biblical. He said:

“It is God that lifts up a man to dine with Kings and Queens. It’s an election by grace, nothing of me but all glory be unto God.”

Mike Mubatsa a pastor with Spirit Embassy added: “The Prophet has met a lot of influential people in the world.  He has been a guest to billionaires and Presidents. It is his ordained mandate to speak the mind and heart of God to a man or a nation.

“But he is not mandated to reveal why any individual be it a noble man or any person would seek the counsel of God.

“Everyone at some point in time big or small, seeks the face of God.”

The three day ManWorld convention was attended by thousands of men some of them from beyond the borders.