THE preacher behind last week’s ‘stay-away’ anti-­government protests was ordered to report to police on Tuesday, the day before more planned mass action to force President Robert Mugabe to address a worsening economy.

Evan Mawarire said he had been called by police in Harare but had not been told the purpose of his visit to the central police station. He expected to be subjected to routine questioning, he said.

“The police called to see me this morning and I will be going there because we have not broken any law,” Mawarire told Reuters.

Mawarire and his #ThisFlag social media based movement organised the biggest strike against

Mugabe’s government since 2005 last week, shutting down most businesses in the southern African nation, which is grappling with sky-high unemployment and cash shortages.

Posting on Tuesday, Mawarire said: “I am now at CID Law and Order at Central Police. I am going strong and healthy. Pray for me.”