Economic decline, high unemployment rate, corruption and the ‘evils’ bedeviling the country could be rescued by three days of massive  prayers and fasting ,the Zimbabwe Development Party (ZDP) has suggested.

The country’s economy continues to decline owing to the closure of companies which were providing employment to citizens and revenue to the treasury.

Kissnot Mukwazhi said promises which were given by President Robert Mugabe when he was campaigning for the last election would never be realized adding that politics had failed the nation.

President Robert Mugabe in the run up to the July 31st 2013 elections promised to create 2.2 million jobs once voted in to power.

But contrary to his election campaign promises the reveres is happening.

Mukwazhi suggested that all these were sins committed by the government which needed prayers for the nation to be forgiven by God,

“We at the Zimbabwe Development Party ZDP are calling for prayer, fasting, and dependence for us to be delivered from the current situation we are in as a country,” Mukwazhi ZDP President told RelZim in Harare.

“It is common that God forgives those who pray and seek deliverance”, he added quoting 2 chronicles 7 verse 14 which says, ‘if my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal the land’.

The politician said failure by the nation to hold such prayers would worsen the economic and political situation.

“We have mineral resources but we give them away for a song. Our industries are closing down day in and day out raising the unemployment rate. Zimbabwe is no longer an attractive tourist destination .The country is now divided, with corruption topping .Service delivery has collapsed and all these need God’s deliverance, ”said Mukwazhi.

Failure by the Mugabe administration to honour his election campaign promises which has resulted in the opposition MDC-T party staging some massive demonstrations has been described by the controversial politician as the signs of the beginning of a civil war in the country

The controversial politician also predicted that civil war would erupt if people do not heed his call for massive prayers.

“Our country is deeply devised; we have allowed politics to take over love for our country. People are robbed of their hard earned money by government systems. The government has become the biblical Herold and the opposition political parties the Judas Iscariot. Hate has overshadowed our nation. Hate has hurt us. Zimbabweans are highly educated, highly skilled and have PHDs, masters’ degrees but all that have failed”, added Mukwazhi.

Ebola,Cholera and other diseases Mukwazhi said had become ‘sword of Damocles threatening our people’.