According to Newsday, this month,  an unusual happening took place at the Tibetan Buddhist Centre in Harare. 

Members of  Zimbabwe’s thriving Tibetan Buddhist community had taken the opportunity to invite the world tour of Buddhist relics, organised by the Maitreya Project, to visit Harare. “Loving-kindness” translates as maitri in Sanskrit, and the Maitreya Buddha is the embodiment of it. 

These relics are of the original Bhudda and many other spiritual masters, and are beautiful bead and pearl-shaped objects and crystals found amongst the ashes of these spiritually enlightened individuals. 

The belief that visiting and being in the presence of holy relics will bless, help and enlighten us is not unique to Buddhism and is also seen in other religions and spiritual paths. 

The Buddhist relics were on display from July 14 up till July 17 at 7A Ernies Lane, off Lyndhurst Road, in Monavale, Harare.