A Mutare man recently hanged himself after weeks of complaining about being hounded by wild dogs that only he could see.

Fungai Nyaude (34) of Musiringofa Village took his life several hours after complaining to his sister that he was tired of living a “haunted” life.

Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Enock Chishiri, said that on the morning of the fateful day Nyaude had a lengthy discussion with his sister Monica (40) about the problems he was facing.
“Nyaude is said to have told his sister that he was always seeing dogs coming to attack him and expressed his displeasure that his family members were not doing anything to help him. Sometimes he would run claiming that he was being attacked by wild dogs and would beg his relatives to rescue him,. 

After talking to his sister, Nyaude is said to have proceeded to his house where he hanged himself on the roof of his bedroom. Nyaude’s wife, Auxillia Mupungu (30), found his body and immediately made a police report.

Chishiri urged members of the public to seek counselling when faced with problems. “A problem shared is a problem solved. Therefore, members of society should learn to share their problems and help each other in solving them,” he said. Meanwhile, in separate interviews, both traditionalists and Christians concurred on the need for people to seek spiritual guidance when faced with problems that “often defy logic.”

Sekuru Friday Chisanyu, president of the Zimbabwe Traditional Medical Practitioners’ Association, said that in most cases a person who experienced hallucinations (such as the ones Nyaude suffered from) would have been a victim of the occult. “Closer analysis would reveal that the person making the strange claims of being chased by wild dogs would have been fixed by someone he wronged. That person’s relatives should not dismiss his claims but seek to find out if there is anyone he wronged. And, if possible, they should confess and show remorse by either offering money or something valuable,” Chisanyu suggested.

Seke International Christ Centre official, Pastor Harrison Hungwe, said Nyaude needed deliverance, as the weird way he acted was a clear sign that the evil spirits were at work in him. “Prayer is the only solution in such matters. A person who finds himself in such situations needs deliverance and not charms or herbs”