Popular Zimbabwean preacher, Uebert Angel is creating waves in Kenya and around the world after apparently having foretold the country’s deadly terrorist attack in which a terror gang entered the up market Westgate Mall in Nairobi killing 68 people.

Video footage released by Spirit Embassy Church claims that Angel, who commands a large following in Zimbabwe, foretold the Kenyan Mall massacre on three different occasions last year and this year.

The church claims that the first prophecy was made in September last year, exactly a year before the deadly incident.

The Daily News was told yesterday that after the prophecies were repeated on his television channel, Kenyans and viewers across the world have been taking an interest in Angel’s work.

The church yesterday said they have been receiving countless inquiries on Angel’s prophesies from Kenyans and the rest of the world.

In last year’s prophecy shown on the church’s DVD, he is heard saying: “This is an open space… like you can go there and do your market there, and this is a bomb coming up there …we can’t stop it”.

This year on June 30 Angel repeated the same prophecy with some details.

“We need to really pray for Kenya. There’s a lot of progress happening in Kenya, but this is a small group that decided the Christian community is going up too much, let’s kill some people. I saw even police, an authority where even guards are there, and they’re bombing.”

Angel, then followed the prophecy with a final prophecy on  July 21, in which he appears on video seemingly predicting the carnage that happened in Kenya two weeks ago.

He is heard saying: “Remember the Kenya prophecy? These are days closing, they’re coming close, and coming close.

“It is very open, it’s like in the open like that. It’s not even something that is far away from the people, it’s just there. To say how did they get in there, no-one knows. Some of them even using home-made material, not nice ones.

“You know a situation where people make these small things and they have got spikes, but it’s explosive.  We’re starting to pray Wednesday going forward, then we end on the 21st.”

Angel’s church yesterday also denied media reports that he had bragged that he was worth $60 million.

“Prophet Angel told the gathering in Gweru that on his way from Harare a magazine reporter had called him wanting confirmation that he was worth $60 million but he said he had told the reporter that those were lies. We are shocked that the media is misleading the people,” reads a statement from the church.

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