Noel Mupeiwa,  Harare regional magistrate  postponed  judgement in the case in which Anderson Tagara colluded with Spirit Embassy  church leader Uebert Angel to defraud a Harare man of his Bentley to Wednesday. .

On Thursday, the day the judgement was to be given, Mupeiwa, indicated that it was not ready.

The court heard that Tagara was an accessory to the offence committed by Madzaniri who is out of the country.

In his defence, Tagara told the court that , Ndabazinengi Shava  had exonerated him through a confession in which he gambled his property  without any involvement of Tagara

Shava told the court he engaged Tagara to import the vehicle on his behalf and gave him $300 000 to cover all costs.

He said Angel called him a year after acquiring the said motor vehicle and advised him to ‘‘seed’’ the Bentley after being promised he would get it back thrice fold after eight months.

Shava said after eight months, when he tried to contact Angel, he became evasive.

“I later learnt that my car was being driven by one Phibion who claimed to have bought it from Angel. That is when I reported the matter and the investigating officer showed me affidavits and an agreement of sale.

“…there was Tagara’s affidavit which portrayed him as the seller and that is when I realised that Tagara had connived with Angel to deprive me of my vehicle,” Shava told the court.

Tagara denied the allegations and claimed he acquired the Bentley using his “sole and exclusive funds”.