Members of Vapostori worshiping  at a shrine in Kambuzuma recently. (photo: M.Chibaya).

Members of Vapostori worshiping at a shrine in Kambuzuma recently. (photo: M.Chibaya).

Having borne the burdens of communities for years through their prayers the apostolic sect has been left in the cold as people rush to new generation prophets for answers.

Vapostori, who were somewhat preferred to the traditional healers in the late 90s, have had to deal with the stiff competition posed by flamboyant prophets who are more accurate in their delivery of the word from above.

The dwindling number of clients tells the story of how slowly the sect has lost its cutting edge.

The buzz word these days is prophets in shiny suits and fancy cars as members of the public pride themselves in belonging to the most famous denomination.

All in search for answers, the deserting of the apostolic sect members has further been shown by a massive visitation of Nigeria among other nations with ‘powerful’ prophets.

But have the Vapostori lost their touch or it is the style in which the prophecy is delivered.

Prophets Emmanuel Makandiwa and Uebert Angel are among the prophets who command large crowds in Zimbabwe.

Disgruntled Madzibaba Masimba Dziraya damned the new generation of prophets saying they are after money and not saving lives.

“They are all liars and blatant cheats who are doing daylight robbery whilst people are quiet about it,” Dziraya said adding that they attract people by material possessions.

An angry Dziraya who lost his congregates to an Emganwini Pastor said people should not be fooled by the prophets because they do not know where their power lies.

Vapostori used to cash in on clients by delivering prophecy, but the coming of new generation prophets who ‘promise’ better livelihood have scuttled their plan.

Prophet Munyaradzi Mapetera of God is Love Ministries in Bulawayo said apostolic sect’s message is irrelevant to this generation hence people are flocking to him.

“I deliver accurate prophecy which affects people’s daily lives. Vapostori should keep on doing what they do and leave us alone,” Mapetera said.

However the apostolic sect still commands a huge following, whilst many politicians still believe in their prophecy as seen by their keen interest before this year’s harmonised polls.

Mapetera urged Christians to demonstrate love regardless of divergent opinions and doctrine.

And the white garment churches continue to be an integral part of the Zimbabwean religion and community.

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