When biblical Prophet Hosea was commanded by God to take a harlot Gomer as his wife, Almighty showed that he forgives and restores no matter how far you have swayed.

This happened in the Avenues area where a prostitute was fished to God by a Nigerian man – if the testimony she gave before a church congregation on Saturday is anything to go by.

Leah Gushu (37), who is now an usher at the church (name withheld to avoid tarnishing the image of the pentecostal church), testified before the congregation that she received Christ after she was hooked by a Nigerian for sexual favours.

“I received Jesus Christ in the Avenues where before a certain Nigerian man hooked me and shared with me words of life. After he called me into his car, I felt so happy to get money for a quickie but he paid me to share the word of life not for sex as I anticipated. That brought salvation in my life. I did not know that Jesus died for sinners and he paid for our sins when I was still in my iniquities and today my life has changed completely that I am ashamed to be called God’s daughter.

“I was naked but today God has clothed me and I want to call upon my sisters roaming in the streets for prostitution to come in the house of God for he is merciful and changes people’s lives,” said Leah as she testified before the congregation.

She was among other people who testified including Polite Madzingira, who was healed after reportedly being on a wheelchair for staggering 28 years.