Baptist Pastor Nhamo Chigohi, the son of a witchdoctor, first heard the Gospel while lying sick inside his hut as missionaries showed the JESUS film outside. He trusted Christ for healing, but his father was furious and, a few days later, kicked him out. Nhamo began living on the streets. A missionary found him there and took him in as a son, and Nhamo now carries on the ministry of showing the JESUS film and planting churches. “I am a product of the JESUS film,” he reportedly says.

The video below is a re-enactment of the significant events in Pastor Chigohi’s life related to his faith, his church and orphanage ministries. According to the description of the video on YouTube, the filmed events took place near Neshuro in Masvingo Province. In 2010, he is reported to have sponsored a host of soccer tournaments for youth and one for the Zimbabwe Republic Police. 


Here you can watch the JESUS film.