Prophetic and Healing Deliverance (PHD) Ministries founder Prophet Walter Magaya on Sunday revealed that there are people who are dragging his name in to the mud through telling lies about him and the church.

Speaking to thousands of pilgrims who attended a Big Sunday service at the church premises in Waterfalls on Sunday, Magaya and some delivered congregants said they are people who are following delivered people persuading them with money so that they speak lies about the church.

“There are some journalists who called me telling that I had beaten a person. That is not true, why would I beat a person and come to stand before you? I do not have power to beat people but I have power to pray. Someone goes to a police station and say it is Magaya,” he said.

The fast rising man of cloth told his followers to be careful of people who are following them after being delivered to tell lies about the church.

This he said after one of the delivered people Charity Makurumidze told the congregants that some man approached her and promised her ‘heaven on earth’ if she features in a video meant to destroy the prophet.

In her testimony Makurumidze, who claimed to have lived under the waters since she was 13 years and have powers to seduce and rip men off their money, said the men who drive expensive cars are promising her US$100 000 plus other expensive goods.

“After getting delivered I met three men in town who promised me money and a house if they record me in a video telling that the prophet is fake and not a man of God. They promised me $100 000 but I refused. They wanted me to lie to the world about Magaya,” said Makurumidze.

Adding to that, Magaya told the gathering that he heard seven cases of people targeting delivered souls to testify against him and the ministry. He said he will beef up security to track the people who are targeting the delivered followers.

“This is the seventh case over this issue, you will not be fighting against me but against your testimony. Anyway we will beef up the security so that we see who these people are,” Magaya told the congregants.

Meanwhile thousands of people throng the Waterfalls venue for the Big Sunday service where the man of cloth was distributing new anointing oil for free.

Police had a torrid time to disperse the crowd and people continued streaming in to delivered from the afflictions. Magaya took to the pulpit and told the congregants to call their relatives who outside that they should come on Wednesday for another service as the venue had run out of space.