Members of Vapostori worshiping  at a shrine in Kambuzuma recently. (photo: M.Chibaya).

Members of Vapostori worshiping at a shrine in Kambuzuma recently. (photo: M.Chibaya).

A senior member of Johane Masowe apostolic sect has claimed they do not believe in “a weak man” — Jesus Christ, and disregard the Bible as God’s book.

Responding to Prophetic Healing and Deliverance founder Walter Magaya’s assertion that Vapositori were “marine spirits from the dark kingdom”, Australian-based Madzibaba Tawona who claims to be a bona fide member of Johane Masowe YeChishanu said in a lengthy article published by an online publication, that his religion was called Masowe.

He said the sect had no use for the Bible as the “holy spirit” explained that the book was not a true reflection of God’s word.

Almost confirming Magaya’s sentiments, Tawona dismissed the existence of Jesus Christ saying the name Christianity was never revealed by God.

He said: “We have never needed it. We will never need it! The explanation given by the Holy Spirit was/ is that, the Bible in its form is not the true Word of God.”

Strangely, he however, quotes the Bible extensively in his article.

“As far as they (Christians) are concerned, Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, He is the truth, the light and the way! Never mind any other abominations that were committed in between.

“Does it make sense that Jesus, the core of the Christian Religion, received no revelation about his religion yet unidentified individuals and disciples of disciples like Paul got that revelation?” queried Tawona.

He  also claims that Jesus never received revelations as was the case with other prophets before and after him.

“Moses got revelations. Muhammad got revelations. Why not Jesus? Why does the Bible quote so many Gospels instead of just one from Jesus to avoid contradictions and ambiguities? In the context of the bible, Jesus is a weak man,” said Tawona, exuding deep knowledge of the Bible he claims he does not read by quoting from Matthew 15:11, Mark 7:15 and 1 Timothy 4:4”.

Tawona went on to say  the ‘‘holy’’ spirit is with them they did not need “to read from written records when we can readily consult and be provided with reliable immediate responses the same way it happened with those to whom the Holy Spirit first visited in the Middle East”.

Madzibaba Tawona’s article however, is laden with inexplicable contradictions where he goes on to claim that their religion does not allow them to be baptised.

Despite dismissing Magaya as someone who does not understand Vapositori, Madzibaba surprisingly concurred with the popular preacher that the religion’s prophets were in the habit of threatening their congregants with their prophecies.

“Indeed, some prophets have made such claims and that is wrong and against the founding doctrine of the Religion that was revealed to the Messenger of God.

“Under the Laws of our Religion, revealed in 1936 as Dare raJakopo (The Court or Constitution of Jacob) that was revealed to the late Madzibaba Edson Chokururama vekuMutedza kwaNgwerume, Murehwa, we are sternly discouraged from using water lilies (hapa), rock pebbles (nhombo), carved reeds (zvipiyaniso zvetsanga), all forms of wooden carvings (zvivezwa zvemihacha or mibhestreji), prayer shrines constructed out of rocks and stones (kirawa), give false or intimidating prophesies or wear garments of different colours from white or garments with decorations of any kind.

“We are not supposed to be baptised as yet. I repeat, no baptism as yet, because the Lord has not yet revealed the River, the Baptist and the prayers required for that to happen.

“We only wait patiently and prayerfully for instructions, we don’t name ourselves or choose rivers. The Lord does. Doing anything without instruction from Him is tantamount to worshipping deities and the Lord detests that!”

He praised Magaya for raising issues around threats and use of earthly decorations around prayer shrines.

“I agree that Mr Magaya has a very valid point and thanks for raising it because that has allowed me time to sit down and clarify on the matter.”

He however, dismissed Magaya’s knowledge of Johane Masowe yeChishanu as “based on superficial dogma”.

“I ask him to research more about Dare raJakopo to find more value about the dignity of this beautiful Religion”.

He all but confirmed Magaya’s assertion that the white garment apostolic sects are not Christian organisations saying the scriptures do not mention the Christian religion which means it was not revealed by God.

“Christians believe the book was revealed by God period! Dear reader, remember I explained about the revelations to Baba Sixpence Shonhiwa who was renamed Johane Masowe by God?

“In the entire Masowe YeChishanu Religion, the name Johane Masowe is mentioned, sung and interpreted. Similarly, to quote from the Bible, when the Lord chose Abram the son of Terah to be his main servant to carry his prayers for mankind, he renamed him Abraham. There was no book for Abraham to read.

“There were no scriptures, only The Holy Spirit through Angels Gabriel and Michael..,” he added.

Interestingly, the  Masowe member accuses Christians of the New Testament of elevating Jesus to the position of God himself.

He argued that Christians’ belief in the Holy Trinity of the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit is wrong.

“The church today puts Jesus above The Almighty. All their prayers are dedicated to Jesus yet Jesus is the Son of the Creator. Jesus admits in John 5:30 that by Himself He could do nothing yet the church make Him mightier than His Father”.

The publication titled, Marine Spirits, Mweya Yemumvura: Teaching by Prophet W Magaya,  invited  backlash from Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe boss Johaness Ndanga who alleged that Magaya used the head of a vulture to perform miracles.