Kwekwe-General-Hospital superintendent Patricia Mapanda speaking at the ceremony beside the SDA Officer Passport Moyo, (photo: author).

Kwekwe Hospital superintendent Patricia Mapanda speaking at the ceremony beside  SDA Officer Passport Moyo, (photo: author).

The Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) Church has adopted the female ward at Kwekwe General Hospital, the largest government hospital in the city.

The church also donated blankets, sheets, mosquito nets, television set and a tonne of maize.

Speaking at the adoption ceremony, SDA Pastor Carlos Rukuni, said that their works of helping the community are influenced by the works of the biblical Tabitha (Dorcas) who used her hands to weave and do other good works.

“There are so many people out there who are crying out for help just like the widows who cried for help from Dorcas. As Adventists, we emulate the goods of great people in the bible in order to help the community.

“For instance in the book of Acts chapter 9:39, Dorcas helped those in need, so we saw it fit to help out by adopting the female surgical ward to be under our responsibility ,” he said.

Late last year the church donated various goods to the hospital.

Rukuni also indicated that next week they will donate bibles to the hospital. “Our target is to give each and every patient a bible to read, which they can take home even after they are discharged.”

He added: “We will also go into the community and give books such as Great Hope of God, which is a summary of the book Great Controversy written by Ellen .G. White.

“Reading biblical literature is good and we want people to have a culture of reading such literature.”


SDA member and Sister in-charge helping to make the bed, (photo: KM)

SDA member and Sister in-charge helping to make the bed, (photo: KM)

The Medical Superintendent, Doctor Patricia Mapanda, thanked the church for its efforts in assisting this hospital. “You have brought peace of mind amongst the staff and patients.

“You are good just like God who had mercy towards Mary Magadalene. Here there are patients who have sinned. Some of them are thieves, but you did not seclude them — rather you are helping every patient,” said Mapanda.

The SDA Chief Financial Officer, Passport Moyo, took some time and preached to the patients from the book of Psalms 142 and 1 Timothy 6.