“As we celebrate the Jubilee Year of Mercy, we must never lose the sense of sin,” said His Grace, the Archbishop of Harare Rev. Robert Ndlovu.

“We should re-examine our conscience, acknowledge our sins and confess them,” he said in his homily during confirmation mass at Our Lady of the Wayside parish in Mt Pleasant on Sunday 24 January.

The Archbishop urged the confirmed congregants to use their gifts to build rather than to destroy. “The beauty of roses comes from the variety of their colours and it is the variety of our gifts that make the work of God attainable,” said the Archbishop.

In a church where people tend to relax in serving the Church and God after receiving sacraments, the Archbishop said people should not be afraid to come out and show their gifts and also warned against those who bar others from using their gifts in Church.

“Many people spend the whole life looking at or for other people’s gifts and failing to discover their own gifts. Do not hide your gifts but rather use them to help the Church. Some of us receive all the sacraments from Baptism to Matrimony and they die without even contributing once to the Church,” he said.