The community at Chichera farm near Old Marlborough suburb has been left in a state of confusion, awe and disbelief following the invasion of the area by a self-proclaimed witch-hunter, who claims to be unearthing tools used for sorcery.

The self-proclaimed witch-hunter, Morius Mbofana, popularly known as Sekuru Maguranyanga has been causing stir in the area for the past two weeks where he is claiming to be carrying out witch-hunting and cleansing exercises at the invitation of locals.

Standardcommunity last week attended a meeting where a number of farm dwellers who were allegedly “caught” with tools of magic confessed and asked for forgiveness from the community.

“I was caught with a snake which was in a bag in my bed room. The snake belongs to me,” said an elderly man identified only as Matibhiri.

Said another man who requested anonymity: “I was keeping a charm which I was using to lure women and Sekuru fished it out of my pants during the cleansing ceremony.”

A young woman who was standing next to her husband said Sekuru Maguranyanga discovered a mouse which the witch-hunter argued was sucking blood from her three months old son.

“I do not know how that thing ended up in my house but Sekuru said it belongs to me. I am really confused,” she said.

John Ojesi, who is the farm workers’ leader, said they indeed invited the witch-hunter upon the request of the community.

“I can confirm that Sekuru Maguranyanga is a genuine traditional healer. We invited him after vetting his papers and made sure that he is a true member of Zinatha. He is doing wonders, and the whole community is happy with what he is doing,” he said.

He however said a few villagers had their misgivings over the conduct of the witch-hunter.

“We have had a few incidences where some members of the community have said they do not want the witch-hunter to visit them because of their religion, but generally things are taking shape. There is no one who has been forced to take part in Sekuru Maguranyanga’s dealings,” he said.

The witch-hunter sensationally “unearthed” magic which he claimed was being used by some local men to be intimate with women without their knowledge (mubobobo).