A married Bulawayo woman who was allegedly raped by a church-mate told the court that the rapist used a condom after she had pleaded with him to use protection as she feared contracting HIV.

Testifying in court yesterday, the 29 year-old woman told provincial magistrate Chrispen Mberewere that she realised she was being overpowered and as a result, begged Hudson Mazonde to wear a condom before raping her as she did not know his HIV status.


“He pinned me to the bed and tried to force himself on me. When I realised that he was overpowering me, I asked him if he was going to rape me without a condom. I don’t even know his status,” said the woman.

“He then pushed me again when I was trying to free myself and tore open the condom with his teeth.”

The woman, a teacher, also told the magistrate that she was too shocked to scream when Mazonde forced her to have sex with him.

She then told the magistrate that Mazonde forced her to get on her knees while on the bed, before raping her from behind.

“I kept on telling him that I am a married woman but he wouldn’t listen. When he put on the condom, he asked me to do a ‘doggie-style’ before raping me from my backside,” said the woman.

Prosecuting, Trust Muduma told the court that Mazonde had raped his church-mate after she accepted his invite to come and watch a movie with him at his house.

The court was told that on July 10 at around 2PM, Mazonde contacted the school teacher via telephone and asked her to come over to his house so they could watch movies.  She accepted.

It is alleged that when she got into the house, Mazonde started “acting funny” before he invited her to his bedroom, but she allegedly refused. He then reportedly used force on her and allegedly raped her once.

She later informed her husband of the ordeal and the man in turn made a police report, leading to Mazonde’s arrest.