Greg Takavarasha,  a 23 year-old Christian from Harare, has a hard time promoting his creative work because of its message. “The scripts I write carry Christian messages and most production houses criticize them. They say they don’t sell because people prefer love, horror and action not something Christian.”

He further explains his creative passion to RelZim, “Since there are no professional animation houses in Zimbabawe, I decided to draw what I imagined my animations would come out like. The comics I draw carry a message from the Bible in a humorous way. People will laugh at the same time learn the realities of God’s word. Jesus in the book of St John Chapter 17 asked God to sanctify us with His truth which is His word. Most people all over the world are lost because they lack the accurate knowledge of God’s word. And still they blame God for all the bad happening around them. The Bible says in Hosea 4:6 people perish because they lack knowledge. My comics are a way of bringing a God awareness to the people of the world.”

In 2011, Takavarasha took some acting and script writing classes. “I write short plays for children to act out in church. I like to write scripts that spread the Word and bring people closer to God, scripts that enlighten people on who God is and what He expects from us.”