Young People for Others (YPO) recently organised a two day retreat at the Peter Faber Spiritual Centre at Silveira House.

The retreat was held under the guidance of Fr. Ignatius Padya SJ (Spiritual Advisor) and Ms Chipo Chigwida (the retreat giver).

The first day started off in prayer and reflection upon the inward journey. Individuals got to look into the ‘where they are, how they are and whom they are’ aspects of life. They realised that as a group, they have to lead each other into these stages for their community to be solid and not crumble.

The exercise also led the participants to look into their individual strengths what they can contribute towards the growth of YPO as a group.

The rest of the time was dedicated to silence, reflection and prayer. Fr. Padya SJ then said a joyful mass in the evening and members lit own candles in offering their petitions.

They ended the day with watching a Jesuit movie, ‘The Mission” which touched the hearts of many and left others inspired in various ways.

The group learnt four aspects of Ignition Spirituality, namely, doing everything for God’s greater glory, self-examination, discerning and reaching out to others and sharing their blessedness.