Youth in God Foundation (YIGF) has embarked on an educational campaign aimed at redefining the concept of indigenisation.

Founder of the organisation, Daniel Magwanda, “Our main emphasis is on educating young people on matters of empowerment because we believe in the philosophy that says ‘education is power.’ You can not just expect people to get shares in a company when they do not even know how to run it.”

Daniel said YGIF is not affiliated to any political party and believes in the model of empowerment that starts with education and learning general life skills.

The organisation’s project is set to redefine the concept of empowerment because the government through the Ministry of Youth Indigenisation and Empowerment does not teach the youths.

According to Magwanda, YGIF is affiliated to Zimbabwe Youth Trust, an arm of government, Dr.Shingi Munyeza of African Sun, Wilia Bonyongwe, chairman of Zimbabwe Security Commission, and Apostle Alexander Chisango of Zimbabwe National Revival Initiative.

Patrons of the initiative are Bishop Hosiah Tagara of Beam of Hope Church and Rabson Shumba, founder of Greatness Africa.

Magwanda told that YGIF is solely developmental and is meant to contribute to the society. “We are doing this because we owe it to the society that we come from. We are social entrepreneurs who are not after profit,”Chigwanda said. 

“We do not have a sponsor as yet. But we have had individuals who have come in to help. Recently we received a piece of land where we intend to start a piggery and poultry project to help us with our finances. We deliberately did not look for funding elsewhere because we did not want any other imperatives to meddle in the organisation’s affairs because of the funding,”Chigwanda added.