Archdiocese of Harare Agnes and Alois Guild on Saturday 23 January celebrated in a spirited all night gathering, the Feast of St Agnes day at St Canisius Parish in Marlborough.

In his theme talk presentation, Minister Brian Barreta enjoined the attending members that they should not live to fulfil earthly desires but seek to serve God as they belong to God himself.

“Agnes offered herself to God but we offer ourselves to other people who are not our creators. Be what you want today not tomorrow. If you want to be a saint, live a saintly life today,” said Minister Barreta.

Fr Claudy Maganga strengthened the youths who often lose friends after choosing to live a saintly life and urged them to be watchful of friends and be able to resist peer pressure.

The night was filled with spirited speakers as Sr. Diana LCBL also presented on Youth, the Family and the Church, challenging the current members of the guild to follow the footsteps of their fore-brothers who started the guild.

She told members of the guild to have respect for the human dignity explaining how respect shapes their relationships. “Be the Doors of mercy,” she concluded.