A Pastor with Bethel Way Ministries in Chivamba area, Zaka, was arrested on Sunday last week and is facing two counts of indecent assault.

The State alleges that on 24 July 2013, Pastor Karikoga Muromo (53), fondled the breasts and buttocks of a 17-year-old girl who had visited his homestead. He further forced her to play with his muscular and ‘hungry’ sexual anaconda, it is alleged. The man of God reportedly tried to bribe the teenager with US$2 before she broke loose and ran away.

On 28 July, Pastor Muromo grabbed his 16-year-old maid by the waist and pulled her dress to the thigh level. He then fondled her buttocks before she too broke loose and ran away.

The man of God appeared before Zaka Resident Magistrate, Constance Mutandwa, and was remanded out of custody to a later date.