ZANU PF youths on Wednesday warned “pastors” and activists against “disturbing” president Robert Mugabe from delivering on his electoral promises, appealing to police commissioner general Augustine Chihuri to allow them “deal” with the clerics indulging in “funny acts”.

This was in apparent reference to Pastor Evan Mawarire and his followers. Pastor Mawarire, through his ThisFlag campaign, has emerged as the Zanu PF government’s most vocal critic after he organised a successful job boycott a fortnight ago.

The extent of the effect of the campaign was highlighted by President Mugabe’s attack on Mawarire on Tuesday.

Mugabe told Mawarire to leave Zimbabwe if he was unhappy with what was happening in the country.

As if taking a cue from Mugabe, hundreds of Zanu PF youths, Wednesday, took to the streets of Harare to denounce Mawarire and his followers.

“Panevanhu varikutyityidzira president vedu (Some people are trying to scare our president).We do not want that. We are the ones who voted him into power.

“We want to appeal to police commissioner general Dr. Augustine Chihuri. Next time when these pastors do their funny acts, stand aside and let us deal with,” said Zanu PF national youth commissar Innocent Hamandishe.

Deputy Secretary for Youth League, Kudzai Chipanga, also took a swipe at the Tajamuka/Sesijikile outfit, another pressure group led by Promise Mkhwananzi pushing for action against corruption and misrule.

He said: “You go around saying Tajamuka! Let me tell you: Tajamuka kare. Our president is delivering and you want disturb him! Be warned.”

A statement from Tajamuka said: “As expected the Zanu PF Youth League today went on the rampage forcing transport operators to ferry their thugs into town and threatening people in the Central Business District to back down from demanding accountability from their leaders through the Tajamuka/Sesjikile campaign.

“The question is: So Zanu PF youths have marched against their future? Without police clearance, without riot throwing teargas, without police beating people and arresting marchers as is the case with others? Phew!

“Animal Farm indeed! We all thought the government should be telling us why they are still detaining Linda Masarira in violation of the constitution when all she has done is to demand good governance.”