Visiting Ghanaian prophet Victor Kusi Boateng has described President Robert Mugabe as the most learned African leader who makes decisions based on knowledge rather than mere sentiment.

Prophet Boateng, spiritual father to United Family International Church leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, said this during a leadership seminar which was a precursor to the Word Convention that began in Chitungwiza on Thursday.

“President Mugabe is the most learned president of our time. Some presidents don’t even understand the constitution of their countries, but not with President Mugabe,” said Prophet Boateng who flew into the country this week for the convention.

He said some presidents were preoccupied more with self-aggrandisement and were not usually in sync with events in their own backyard and around the world.

“Zimbabwe, you are lucky to have President Mugabe, a man with such dedication towards his people.”

On two occasions this week, Prophet Boateng prophesied that Zimbabwe’s economic rebound was imminent, buoyed by the mining sector.

“God revealed to me while I was praying today that there is going to be a boom in mining. God is going to raise the economy. The economy will rise from that end (mining),” said Prophet Boateng.

Speaking to more than 50 000 congregants on Thursday night, Prophet Boateng reiterated that the time for Zimbabwe had come.

“There is going to be an economic boom in this country in a few years to come. It will start with mining. Even those countries that were at war with you will come and make peace. They will come and make huge investments here,” he said.

The Word Convention, which ends tomorrow, has sprung Chitungwiza into life with visitors from Canada, India, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and Mozambique.

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