Choral group Zimpraise has been hit by a massive exodus of group members amid allegations that the founder, Joseph Madziyire, has not been paying salaries.

Madziyire vehemently refuted the allegations shifting the blame on former group members for peddling falsehoods to destabilise the group.

“I have heard such rumours but I know it is the works of former group members who are bent on destroying the group.

“Zimpraise has one hundred and fifteen members and we have never had misunderstandings with any one of them.

“”In fact, I think those who failed to make the grade at auditions are the ones spreading falsehoods,” said Madziyire.

He said they would this year not be holding any auditions, and he has, therefore, frozen recruitment.

“This year we will not be having auditions and we are not recruiting any more members.

“We will work with the current team,” said Madziyire.

He also quashed rumours that he was in the habit of having romantic relationships with female members from the group.

He said he was in a steady relationship.

“It’s lies that I  date members from the group.

“I am in a steady relationship with my girlfriend Jacqueline, who also happens to be a former member of Zimpraise.

“She left amicably after we both reached an agreement.

“I have heard people accusing me of dating members from the group but I am not moved because the truth will set me free,” said Madziyire.

The group recently lost one of its key members, Marbel Madondo, who left the group with other members and formed a new band, Thousand Voices.

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