Interdenominational gospel choir, Zimpraise, are back in the country after a successful three-week-long tour that saw them performing in the United Kingdom and Dubai respectively.

Thirty selected singers from the 80-member group performed in Birmingham from November 2 to 9 in Luton, UK, and at various churches across London, before heading to Dubai on November 14.

Speaking to NewsDay, the group’s chief executive officer Joseph Madziyire said they had a good time during the tour and they were humbled by the support they received in both countries.

“Performing for the first time in the UK was a major breakthrough and a dream come true for us as Zimpraise,” he said.

He added that the audiences’ response during all shows had been tremendous and proved that their music had gone places with tickets selling out at all the venues.

Madziyire said they would soon be embarking on national tours aimed at taking their music to all boarders of the country.

“Our main aim is spreading the gospel as well as uniting the nation through worshiping so we will be reaching out to different corners of the country to minister to people in pursue of our vision of uniting people from various denominations to worship in song and dance,” he added.

The choir is fast growing and has managed to pull crowds with their excellent performances at several concerts. They are currently riding high with the hit song Sungano which has become popular across the Christian community.

They are also basking in the glory of the successful launch of their Season Six’s third live DVD which carries 35 songs and an audio CD recently.

Zimpraise has been in existence for the past decade under the watchful eye of award-winning producer McDonald “Mcdee” Chidavaenzi in collaboration with Madziyire.

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