Primrose Njewa, the diminutive singer who was on  the lead vocals for  the Zimpraise hit song, Sungano, has gone solo.

The singer has released two singles, I have made it and Ndibatei, off her new album released soon.

Primrose said she decided to leave the populous group so that she could “grow and be noticed.”

“ZimPraise is a big choir and at a certain point in time, one needs to grow, hence I have decided to be on my own. The other thing is that I am studying Law in South Africa, so I could not meet with the group regularly,” she said.

Primrose, who has worked with Sabastian Magacha, Lloyd Tevedzai, Thembalami and Kudzi Nyakudya said she hoped her single would have the same impact Sungano had on the localgospel charts.

“As an artiste, one continuously wants to surpass the previous works, so I hope the two singles would do well for me,” she said.

Lately, Zimpraise has been hit by a massive exodus of group members amid allegations that its founder, Joseph Madziyire, had not been paying salaries.

Madziyire vehemently refuted the allegations, shifting the blame to former group members for peddling falsehoods to destabilise the group.