I recently had the pleasure of spending a few days at a friend’s farm in the Christon Bank area situated about 30 km north of Harare. What a breath of fresh air from the daily hustle and bustle of Harare life. Being out in the bush was a reminder of the many times as child, when I went to camp and experienced a serenity that compared to none I had ever felt. Whenever I was in the ‘bundus’ I had a feeling of peace that I could not really put my finger on.

Now that I’m older, that feeling of infinite peace and tranquillity still overwhelms me whenever I am in a natural environment. Given the right combination of greenery and mountainside, my soul seems to yearn for nothing else. I can fully concur with those that have often said nature is the closest thing to God. This beautiful planet has been contaminated by the impurities that surround us on a daily basis. What seems like technological advancement is often a mixture of good and evil. The morals found in the world today are becoming increasingly warped with most of turning to television or a brand new car for emotional satisfaction when it can only really come from one place, from above.

Whilst at camp, I really used to enjoy the quiet times that were used for devotions and I found that reading my Bible in the middle of nowhere made the words so much richer and more personal. Whenever I go to a natural environment, the beauty that surrounds me makes it so difficult to think of the negatives in my life. Instead I start to focus on how good God has been  to me and all the blessings that I enjoy.

The endless horizons and the greenery of a lush forest make it impossible to think of disease, famine and war. Instead all I think of is how beautifully God constructed the planet and all the creatures in it. I think of how each and every animal in the wild has features that make it unique. I think of how wild flowers have been created to live without a regular supply of water, yet they are just as bright and as colourful as any nursery-grown blooms.

For me, that’s what life is about. The beauty of what is, and of what can be when you begin to get back to basics. I don’t think being out in the wild should make one oblivious to reality. I just think it makes one more in tune with the non-physical reality, an activity which is needed if one is to fully experience the human journey. The physical body will come and go, but the spirit will last forever. Any opportunity for the spirit to connect with God should be taken with arms wide open. Nature provides the perfect catalyst, and for those in search of a moment of inner relflection I’d say use what God has created to draw you closer to Him. God lives in His creation and what better place to experience the energies of the Creator, than right in the heart of the bush.