Everyone should have a source of inspiration, a point to which they can return when times of depression settle upon their spirits. Especially when the purpose of living becomes obscure and the monotony dulls the spirit of expectancy. Everyone needs an ‘Esther’ in their lives. Especially the youth.

By ‘Esther’ I mean the people who are strategically positioned in your life. People who help for the sake of helping you, seeing your life get better. Their pleasure is nothing more than to see you progress and come into the maturity of your assignment and purpose. 

No wonder that a number of churches in Zimbabwe came out to provide our youth with the Esther-like guidance. Prophet Uebert Angel‘s Spirit Embassy call them Ignite Services for Youth. Church of Christ calls them Youth Bible Classes and Youth Fellowship. Bishop Tudor Bismark’s New Life Covenant calls them New G. And the Lutherans call them Youth Groups.

At the Ignite Services the topic is “Dating Naked”. Here Prophet Angel takes his time to teach the youth about relationships, feelings, courtship and marriage. Parents find it difficult to discuss such issues with their children who have hit teenage and pre-adulthood.

What does the youth learn from such services? Girls are taught how to take care of themselves, how they can achieve an incentive to be somebody in life. When to get into a relationship and what to do when in the relationship. Thus, how to take care of the partner, what men are like ,who they are and what they want. This is what every young girl and boy needs to know as he or she is growing up. 

Churches today have realised that these youth services are one important aspect that needs to be dealt with. Parents who find it difficult to talk should allow their youth to attend youth groups or services so that they can learn .Whoever is in charge of the youth must be open and discuss every topic in detail.

An average Christian youth lives in ordinary surroundings. She/he experiences the joys, failures, hopes and aspirations of the society to which he/she belongs. In the times in which we live, there is a great temptation for many youth to move away from the path set by Jesus and to “go with the crowd.”

Prophet Uebert Angel always starts by asking the youth what they know about the topic to be discussed and this encourages the discussion to be a two-way conversation. Communication is very important . Speaking such issues is important because all parents want their children to be educated who make good decisions. It is a must for the youth to know about things like privacy, personal space and a sense of space.

Here are some of the youth services you can attend:

Spirit Embassy youth services – Friday evening

New Life Covenant youth services – Saturday evening

Lutheran Church youth services- Friday evening or Sundays after service