I haven’t written to you before, although I always speak to you, I thought this time I would write you and I pray that you will reply my letter soon.

Dear God,

I want to thank you for the blessings that you have endowed upon Zimbabwe, my country. I want to thank you for my beautiful country and its weather and its unlimited potential.

I also want to thank you for the humble people of Zimbabwe who have endured 32 years of hardship, disillusionment and poverty, but have remained patient, steadfast and faithful to you. This is not because they chose it, but because you deemed it necessary that they endure it.

As your word says, suffering and hardship builds perseverance, and perseverance builds character and character builds hope. In the end, it all brings us to that place joy and peace and I sincerely hope that, that will be the case by this time next year.

God, many of our good people have died and left us too early, before they could contribute to and enjoy change in our country. This has robbed us of their energy and wisdom in contributing to build and develop our country.

I know that I can never understand your ways, but I know that in the end, all will be well. I thank you for giving them to us and we celebrate their lives today and may they rest in peace.

God you know what has been happening in my country. Your sons and daughters in Zimbabwe have been patient for change for a very long time. Always hopeful and full of expectation that one day, although it may tarry, your promises will come to pass.

I beg you to forgive those that have been responsible for the suffering we have gone through. I ask that you bless them and that in the end; they too will confess their sins to you and turn to you for your unfailing mercy.

As we move towards the referendum and elections this year, I ask you for peace and tranquility. Please God, speak into the minds of those that seek to lead us. Can you also speak into the minds of all ordinary Zimbabweans, who have the responsibility to select those you have already chosen to lead,so that they may make the right choices.

We need to renew our social value system in this country, and we need leaders who are not boastful, self centered, arrogant, cruel and greedy. Give us a leadership whose sole motive is to serve you.

Make a way for them to come to the fore during this time of elections, but do let them know that only you can make it possible. Let them not boast or gloat but be humble knowing that it is not through human effort that we succeed but through your unbounded grace to us.

God, your word says that; whatever we ask of you with high expectation and faith, will be done unto us. We need a new leadership in Zimbabwe in all sectors. We need our country, that you have endowed with so much, to finally use that to the benefit of all Zimbabweans, black and white.

I ask you to purge in all of us, the spirit of racism, hate and lack of forgiveness about the past. I ask that you make our leadership stop using the past to commit those acts that harm others and hold this country back.

I ask you that you reveal to them their purpose in this life, so that they may change their ways and continually fear you.

My country Zimbabwe needs your almighty power and blessings now, so that we may eradicate poverty and banish the suffering of your people. Let Zimbabwe take its place in the community of nations as a country that respects the rights of its citizens, human dignity, freedom of speech and the right to pursue personal ambition without any limitations from any man.

As you are aware, many of our people are currently unemployed and are seeking to make a living. God please, open up new opportunities in this country. We have so many minerals and resources that we can use to benefit our people.

We have so much fertile land that sits unused because of the selfishness and greed of our leaders. Give us the wisdom to use these gifts wisely, so that Zimbabweans may once again feed themselves and be able to provide for their daily needs.

You are a powerful God, and I ask that your power be evident in all we do. I ask you that you unleash that same power that resurrected your son Jesus Christ, to be available to us in these times. This will allow us to revive our economy and renew our country.

Please replace the years that the locusts have eaten to each and every Zimbabwean who lost something since 2000. I know you will do it, especially to those who were disposed of their property, land and personal wealth in the name of justice.

My dear God, I know your justice is not like that. Give them peace and hope that in the end, if they trust in you, you will replace all they have lost and more.

Forgive our President, Robert Mugabe, for the sins of omission or commission that he may have committed against you or against Zimbabweans in the past. Please give him the wisdom of King Solomon in these times, so that he may finally accept the wishes of Zimbabweans.

Above all give him peace and understanding. God I ask you to also forgive those men that may have committed sins in our government. Forgive our ministers, senators, governors, chiefs, army chiefs, police for what they have done in pursuit of popularity and wealth at the expense of poor ordinary Zimbabweans.

Renew their spirits today so that they too may fear you.

Strengthen our Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, so that he may be able to complete his life purpose. Let all those who stand with him and for the right things prevail in our society.  Let no man or woman ever stand between us and you or cause so much pain to your children.

Root out from amongst us, those who promote violence, expropriation, theft, corruption and discontent. As I speak to you, there are men who are plotting violence against the innocent.  Men who are plotting evil each and every day to stop change in Zimbabwe.

They are those who are planning to forcefully take away what others have worked for under the pretext of empowering us. I ask you to cancel whatever it is that they may be planning. I ask you to thwart their evil plots and to return the troubles they are planning for others to them tenfold because you are a just God.

I ask that you especially hold back the spirit of greed, selfishness, pride and the pursuit of material wealth that continues to limit the potential your sons and daughters here in Zimbabwe. Zimbabweans are consumed with amassing as much personal wealth as they can, even in the midst of poverty and lack.

Please come down and teach them your ways and let them realize that, there is only one kingdom worth to pursue; your kingdom. Can you also urgently cast away the false prophets that are mushrooming all over the country in pursuit of worldly material things in your churches?

Expose evil, heal the sick, bless the poor and bring every black and white Zimbabwean closer to you this year.

My God, there are many Zimbabweans out there who have fled their homes and country of birth because of the violence and persecution and lack of opportunity.

Please God, can you bless and guide them wherever they are, but hurry to bring them back home so that they too may contribute to the building of a new Zimbabwe.

God, Zimbabwe needs you right now. Please let 2013 be year of positive change. Let 2013 be a year we remember that you came down from heaven and answered our prayers.  Let this happen so that men may know who you are.

Finally God, please forgive me too for my sins and please give me unlimited strength to carry on. I ask in particular that in these times of change, I fear no man, but you.

Thank you God for listening to me and I know that you have already done what I ask, because the bible tells me so.

Your faithful son,

Vincent .

Vince Musewe is an economic analyst based in Harare. You may contact him [email protected]