The Gospel of Prosperity debate is alive and kicking in Zimbabwe. Moreover, it was taken to the foreign lands.

Some observers like New Zimbabwe‘s Adventist Lot Masiane suggest that Christians need to uphold the standards in their faithful lives. While other Christians have no problem with agitating the poor from their flashy cars on the way to evangelization among the people of Botswana.

An US-based Bishop Dave Chikosi recently drew our attention to a radio discussion entitled “Unpacking the Power of the Prophet Makandiwa,” which he describes us “remarkable for its one-sidedness.”

After establishing three growing congregations in Zimbabwe, Bishop Chikosi came to the USA to study for a Master’s degree in Theology. Upon completion, he moved to Michigan where he planted the
church in the City of Ypsilanti. This is the church he currently pastors. 

Zimbabwean missionaries abroad — seems like a good topic for a blog entry or a scholarly research, for that matter. Inbox [email protected] with ideas and facts on how Zimbabweans spread the Good News outside this country. Is it just the gospel, or is there a several digit-bonus to it?

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