I am finding that for as long as we keep shouting about staff and not taking part in the affairs of our country there will never be any change.There will never be any transformation in our nation of Zimbabwe.

Democracy is for the people by the people. It’s not for a few, it’s for all of us Zimbabweans but if we are going to spend our time on mountains having all-night prayer after all-night prayer and not stepping out even to register for voting, we are wasting time, we are betraying our own future and that of this country.

This is not time to just shout about it on facebook and thereafter log off and do nothing. This is not time for Motivational Speakers, we have lots of motivational speakers who talk anout it but no results follow. This is the time for Leaders, people that will find the way, show the way and lead the way.

I’m personally sick and tired of believers (pastors included) who are forever boasting that our country has 85% Christians. Fine. Where are the 85% in politics? What percentage of the 85% is involved in politics, what percentage of the 85% is registered to vote right now?

Busy hiding in caves, then after the war they come out and claim to be ‘war vets’ when, in actuality, the whole war was fought when they were in hiding.

’Pseudo Spirituality’
There is never going to be a Martin Luther King of our time or a Malcom X: people that believe what they believe and stand for what they believe and ultimately die for what they believe, this generation won’t generate such calibre of people because all our strength is in our mouth. We have no spine. We just shout about it and do nothing about it.

It takes VOTES to elect a President, not all-night prayers. You can enjoy having all-night prayers, having a ‘bring and share’ eating and drinking but that doesn’t amount to anything in a Democracy.

Prayer has its place.

Being out of Zimbabwe is not an excuse if you have your nation at heart. I am too but I am registered.

And for your own information, every country has its own problems right now and it is the citizens of that country who are solving the problems there. God helps those who help themselves.

Registering to vote doesn’t make you a politician, it is your right as a Zimbabwean , it’s a contribution you can make in the turn-around of the nation. No-one is telling you who to vote for. But at least be registered to vote and make it count.