At the end of May, replublished the NYT article on the situation in the Anglican Church in this country. Several days later a blogger tmatt posted his reading of the article on with lots of thought-provoking ideas.

Eventually, he concludes that “the Times team didn’t really seem very interested in what Kunonga believes, other than that he loathes homosexuality” and that homosexuality is a recurrent topic when Times writes about African Anglican prelates.

Commenting on this post, Rev. Michael Church says:

There are many matters that the Times article might have explored. For example, I would have been interested in the church polity angles. Under what circumstances was Kunonga deposed and excommunicated? And what does it mean that the “Anglican hierarchy” chose his successor in office? In an article which intends to focus on politics, looking at the mechanisms of church politics may tell us more about what is going on than an amateur attempt to summarize doctrinal positions.

Richard A. Menees shares his valuable personal memories of six years of service in the Banket Parish of the Harare Diocese. “The reputation of Zimbabwe Anglicanism as being high church although historically accurate enough ought not to preclude the truth that Evangelical and Charismatic (Pentecostal) activity is a generous part of the Anglican reality in Zimbabwe.” And he finishes by suggesting, “It would be helpful if somewhat more of the theology of Mr. Kunonga (he has been deposed and excommunicated by the way) were generally known. He was always long winded and didactic at clergy conferences while in Zimbabwe before he left for his PhD studies in America (he said for sociology). Trouble is he never really had anything to say. One Shona priest and PhD in Mission and New Testament from Zimbabwe who worked under Mr. Kunonga basically describes him as a theological zero. Someone might prepare a bibliography of his published theological works and sermons so we could know what he believes. It might be a short list.”

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