As Bishop Chad Gandiya celebrates victory over the Kunonga faction, it feels like the winds of change are caressing the Anglicans not only in Zimbabwe. Earlier this month, the Anglican Church of Southern Africa consecrated  its first woman bishop in Africa.

At the same time, the consecration of Swaziland’s Ellinah Wamukoya comes as the Church of England faces a major constitutional crisis over female bishops.

What the recent developments in the Anglican Church globally mean for Anglicans in this country is still to be seen. But we’d like to argue that having studied at the universities of Botswana and Lesotho, Bishop Wamukoya is certainly going to be an inspiration for greater cooperation among the Anglicans in Zimbabwe (revived by the recent Supreme Court decision) and in the Southern African region.

Will there be the first female Anglican bishop in Zimbabwe any time soon? Comment below!