by Ibrahim Mpache

There is a lot that is required to make things collaborate in the faith sector in Zimbabwe. On top of the list is to avail such platforms that can facilitate dialogue among religions.

With the imminent effects of globalisation, we cannot afford to isolate each other. We need to deliberate mainly on issues that unite us as some of the challenges that we are facing cuts across cultures and different faiths. We need to build bridges and institute confidence by building measures so as to make our people of Zimbabwe from different religious persuasions come together.

The challenges that we are facing as religious communities are many. The negative image that is prevalent in the local and international  media has created an environment that perpetuates the negative attitude towards the Muslim community especially in Muslim-minority countries like Zimbabwe.

Due to the ever-increasing developments in communication, technological advances and the unavoidable contacts because of globalisation, we have seen an increasing number of Zimbabweans going to other countries where they meet other people, cultures and religions. We have noted increasing number of people asking questions about Islam and Mulims. We have had challenges before where the Muslims has been held with suspicion because of the negative image where the religion of Islam has been associated with violence and terrorism.

We can achieve our objectives by knowing each other and likewise preach tolerance and remove bigotry and ignorance amongst followers of different religions and faiths. One of the ways we can achieve this is through dialogue. 

Your Brother,

 Ibrahim Mpache

Ibrahim Mpache is a Muslim activist. He is the Chairman of Istiqamah Foundation as well as the Information Secretary for Zimbabwe Muslim Youth Organisation. He writes this for this blog in his personal capacity.