For a genre associated with gangsters, thugs and lewdness, music lovers are always skeptical when hip-hop turns to gospel, while tongues are left wagging as to how venerate the genre is.

But the dawn of Mudiwa Mutandwa a.k.a Mudiwa of the ‘Ndaita Mari’ fame and Flame B, onto the music scene has silenced critics who demonise and Americanise the genre.

With the young generation in mind, local hip-hop artists, believe their music is aimed at preaching the Gospel through the ‘popular culture’ of Hip Hop which many young people are fond of.

While American hip-hop gospel artists such as DaTruth and Lacre are making waves in the West, Mudiwa is riding high his song ‘Ndaita Mari’ which won him the Song of the Year Award at the Victor Awards last year. Whilst gospel prodigy Flame B’s video was number one on ZBC’s Top 50 ranking.

Following closely in the footsteps of Mudiwa is Kuwadzana-based Collin Musahwaro who is popularly known in the music circles as Collywhood.

Like his predecessors who started off singing circular music, Collywhood has morphed into a full-fledged gospel artist whose music chronicles his conversion. recently caught up with the energetic singer who prides in his conversion to Christianity and making music for his Creator.“I used to be a circular hip-hop, and R&B artist. Though I haven’t changed the genre, my lyrics are now focused on preaching the gospel.” Collywhood said.

The K-Street Souls frontman, Collywhood said his change of focus came after he learnt of how American hip-hop performers are allegedly involved in cults which require them to sell their souls.
“It was not out of fear of death, but a total transformation. I really got born again and I would like to more committed to singing for God like when I used to sing circular music,” Collywhood said.

Collywhood said he would like other urban groove artists to emulate his life, by turning to God. “What profits you to be well-known in the world by the whole world — yet God does not know you? Make God happy and seek his Kingdom first,” he said.

Like in Mudiwa’s case — who was recently given a brand new Mercedes-Benz by Pentecostal Prophet Uebert Angel — their conversion has given Zimbabwean hip-hop singers fortunes.