The terrorist raid on a crowded shopping mall in Kenya which killed 67 people on September 21 was prophesied by the British-Zimbabwean preacher, Prophet Uebert Angel, over a year ago, according to a video released by his church on Thursday.

Prophet Angel, founder of the Spirit Embassy Church, repeated the same prophecy on two more occasions after first warning of the impending attack during a live Sunday service on September 23, 2012 – almost exactly a year to the day of the attack.

In his first prophecy, Angel spoke of people “expanding their war games in Kenya”.

“This is an open space… like you can go there and do your market there, and this is a bomb coming up there,” the charismatic preacher, 35, said according to a YouTube video released by his church.

Angel warned that the attack was inevitable, telling thousands of his followers that “we can’t stop it”.

Prophet Angel returned to the prophecy on June 30 this year, during another Sunday service televised around the continent on his Miracle TV.

“We need to really pray for Kenya,” he said. “There’s a lot of progress happening in Kenya, but this is a small group that decided the Christian community is going up too much, let’s kill some people. I saw even police, an authority where even guards are there, and they’re bombing.”

On July 21, in his final prophecy, Angel said: “Remember the Kenya prophecy? These are days closing, they’re coming close, and coming close.

“It is very open, it’s like in the open like that. It’s not even something that is far away from the people, it’s just there. To say how did they get in there, no-one knows. Some of them even using home-made material, not nice ones. You know a situation where people make these small things and they have got spikes, but it’s explosive.”

Angel then told his church “we’re starting to pray Wednesday going forward, then we end on the 21st…”

On September 21, Islamic extremist gunmen lobbing grenades and firing assault rifles inside Nairobi’s Westgate Mall launched their assault.

The UK Daily Mail said “shoppers were mercilessly executed after being singled out as non-Muslim… men, women and children were lined up and then gunned down with AK-47s after failing to name the Prophet Mohammed’s mother or recite passages from the Koran”.

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